Asia markets broadly positive

Analisi Giornaliera - 28/09/2018

Asia markets broadly positive


China has stopped any friendly engagements with the U.S. Navy, perhaps due to the trade problem between the tow.

While the world's two of the biggest economies exchange tariffs like candies, there are increasing suspicions that the trade turmoil has gone over into military relations.

According to CNBC Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, revealed the complex relationship between the two naval forces. Spencer said. "When we look at China, it's a very complex situation, to say the least, because they are also a great trading power,"and he added "We have a major trading power as a competitor,"

Spencer's remarks came after a report that a planned visit this week to meet with his American counterpart by China's top naval commander has been canceled and that the U.S. was rejected a port visit in Hong Kong for its USS Wasp amphibious ship. Army Lt. Col. Dave Eastburn, wrote in an emailed statement to CNBC "We were informed that Vice Admiral Shen Jinlong has been recalled to China and will not conduct a visit with Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson," We have no additional information at this time."

Great chance of a second Brexit referendum

On Tuesday Britain's top opposition Labour party decided and voted overwhelmingly for a policy that it may set a fresh vote on the table And that will probably happen if Theresa May fails to get a final Brexit deal through the UK Parliament.

Keir Starmer the Labour's Brexit representative, got ecstatic applause at his party's yearly convention when he supported the possibility that staying in the European Union would be on the voting paper.

he said."Nobody is ruling out 'Remain' as an option,"

His remarks were important because Labour has been split in two over the matter as May's Conservative Party. Some Labour MPs represent regions in Britain that voted decisively to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum and worry that are going to lose their positions if there is a general election. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, is recognized to be a lifetime Euroskeptic.


EUR/USD extends its falls

EUR/USD is trading at about 1.1624, increasing its losses. The Italian administration passed a budget deficit of 2.4%, ignoring European commands and this has an impact on the Euro. The USD extends its profits following the Fed and the data.

Italian Finance Minister Giovanni Tria needed a deficit of 1.6% but submitted to the needs of the 5-Star Movement. Italian bond yields are strictly observed this morning.

Now on the Technical site the popular pair, the EUR/USD it near the mentioned daily base, and based on the 4h charts, it looks poised to continue its drop. Now it is trading under its 100 SMA for the first time in nearly 14 days, while considerably below a now bearish 20 SMA. Technical indicators in the specified chart have continued their drops fully into negative area, now nearing oversold readings.


Gold prices going under as US Dollar gains on Italy turbulence

Gold prices fell as an active improvement in the US Dollar cut the appeal of anti-fiat choices. The USD arranged to gain on its haven on the same day, originally rising versus the backdrop of political turbulence in Italy and proceeding higher beside front-end Treasury yields as markets continued to welcome the result of the FOMC monetary policy statement.

A positive US economic statements apparently supported the fact as well. A final revision of second-quarter GDP data reinforced the annualized growth rate at an important 4.2 %, the core PCE inflation gauge topped projections and marked at 2.1 %, while durable goods orders surprisingly posted the biggest jump in almost 180 days at 4.5%.


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