US Steps up Fight Against Coronavirus

Analisi Giornaliera - 27/03/2020

US now viral epicenter


The US in now the next major battle being joined with covid-19. 81K infected, more than 1k deaths.  It is shaping up to be the place that is taking the most aggressive actions, in total dollar terms splashed out. The sum, in the first tranche is $2.2t. This is a disguised attempt to make a sprint back to a fuller type of economic domination that the US seeks. Still, the sums of cash being injected into a $20t GDP economy should have some initiating effect. That magnitude jolt in purchasing, nearly 10% of its annual GDP, is more than any other major country.

Selling continues

EU Stock indices opened with buying, driving prices higher. The Dax is the biggest winner with a 4.16 rise today. This is the follow on to three days of stunning buying performance exceeding 17.13%. The exuberance is so likely to be a direct result of the enthusiasm for the stimulus package about to be pulled out of the US treasury in Washington.


Oil falls precipitously

The decline in crude, particularly Brent, is reliant not only on the global corona crisis to reduce demand significantly, but to no less a degree the price war being openly waged between Aramco and Russia Inc. The Saudis are perusing a race to the bottom in the sincere and very possibly true belief that they can crush the competitions and have the markets to themselves even at single digit prices.


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