China Policymakers Urge More Stimulus

Andamento del mercato - 22/12/2015

China's economy has encountered substantial pressures with the pace of economic expansion projected to fall even further in the coming year according to statements from Chinese leaders at the Government’s Central Economic Work Conference. The country needs a more flexible approach to monetary policy and invigorating fiscal policy measures to reverse the prevailing slowdown and provide stimulus for growth. These strategies include the widening of the fiscal deficit and structural reforms to restrain China’s growing dependency on credit. Officials highlighted the risk that real estate investment may be flat while consumption growth could face a year of single digit growth and exports that grow well below trend if not shrink. The Government has recommended a campaign to consolidate property developers and encourage them to adjust their marketing strategies. Past restrictions on home ownership are expected to be lifted while officials also promised to assist in minimizing the unsold property glut by encouraging cheaper residential housing prices, providing help to residents who live in the countryside.

China's economy has remained a powerful driver of the world economy against the backdrop of a struggle to attain growth in both advanced and emerging markets.  Although China is currently undergoing a transition from strictly export orientation to a mixed economy, this has translated to slower growth as China adjusts to new realities.  Chinese President Xi Jinping said that despite a recent slowdown, China has still contributed to 30% of annual global growth, evidencing the country’s prowess and durability despite challenging trade conditions. The world's second largest economy is predicted to grow around 7.00% this year, however, outside experts think this number is substantially lower, masking weakness in the underlying economy. Weaker demand for commodities along with rising industrial spare capacity is adding to the mounting concerns weighing down the outlook.  Nevertheless, President Xi Jinping has reiterated that annual average growth has to be maintained above 6.50% for the next five years in order to reach goals of doubling GDP and per capita income by 2020.


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