Google Stadia may revolutionize the game Industry

Andamento del mercato - 21/03/2019

On Tuesday Google published its ideas to disrupt the $140 billion gaming industry controlled mainly by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Google created a new streaming service named Stadia.

Stadia enables people to play games with high-end requirements that require expensive computers or consoles. With Google, Stadia players do not have to buy costly computers or consoles.

Google announced this is a "game platform for everyone."

Google's cloud will do all the job and render the games.

Google also described in short how this system will work. The company stated that if someone is watching a YouTube video with a game, people could pop into the game by pressing a button named “play now" and start playing the game themselves in approximately five seconds.

Now, gamers have to rely on the physical form of the games and actually by them or wait, usually many hours, actual game to download before they can even start playing. Moreover most of the games also require a specialized high-end device to play and often are very expensive.

Google announced that the console Stadia will launch in 2019 and in the beginning it will first be released in the United States, Canada, the U.K. and "most of Europe." We yet don't know the cost for gamers to use the service. One of the most important advantages regarding Stadia is that it will work on "any screen type" and also it will work on laptops, desktops, TVs, tablets and phones at launch.

Google said. “With Stadia, the data center is your platform,". A player can begin on one platform continue from where left off on a different machine, and that suggests that you may play your game on your pc and then continue on your mobile phone when you leave from your premises. Now it is important to say that AMD supports and help Google power Stadia's graphics rendering in the cloud. AMD shares were up about 7% upon release that it was a partner with Google on Stadia.


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