Apple - Industrial Hype or Magic?

Andamento del mercato - 28/03/2019

Apple staged one of its famous self-promotions this week. As the public has grown wary of this bit of industrial hype and magic, the stock price promptly fell 6.54%. The latest installment of this saga has a series of late to the party activities. Television with the mind-bending “plus” tag to give it the missing oomph. Gaming, with no leading games and yet another payment card in a world overflowing with payment methods. For some time now, the public has grown skeptical of these “new and improved” extravaganzas. Until the firm comes out with something actually NEW, the saturation of smart phones in the world has reached 4 billion, and so naturally, sales have slowed. The world just doesn’t need so many of the devices. Doom for Apple? Maybe… However: This is not just any late arriver to these arenas. This is Apple. We NEVER sell the firm short. When these people issue a challenge against Microsoft, Netflix, American Express and Visa, you can be sure that their opponents take the challenge seriously.

Chew on these data: Since the introduction of the iPod 14 years or so ago, the stock value has gained 1,678%. In the last year, 35.8%. In the last quarter 31.9%. How seriously do you take this contender? The market surely takes Apple seriously as evinced by its overwhelming enthusiasm for the stock. The corporation has the second highest market capitalization of any firm in the world, at $902b. Say what you like about the marketing hype, which happens to be something the firm also excels at, but we do not recommend underestimating the determination this firm brings to whatever it endeavors to achieve. The world of entertainment has changed radically in the last 24 months. So has the payments space. Few of us have a clear understanding what they will look like in the near term. One thing we are fairly sure of is that Apple will have a presence in all of them.


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