UK is heading towards the general election today

Andamento del mercato - 12/12/2019

Today Electors over the United Kingdom are running to vote
today for a general election that is supposed to set the grounds for the
country's future. Conservative Party head and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
is the main driver for this snap vote because of a parliamentary stalemate
regarding the Brexit agreement he had arranged with the European Union. Johnson
and his Conservative Party are planning to get enough support to present them
with power in the 650-seat parliament that will enable them to reach their
Brexit agreement, known as the “Withdrawal Agreement.” The prime minister has
constantly stated a vote for his party hints the ability to “get Brexit done.”

It is expected that any leading party must take more than 320
seats for any kind of dominance. A hanging parliament, in which no one party
operates a complete majority, cannot be ruled out given the margin of error between
the last main voter poll and the real vote.

On Tuesday a survey by YouGov/MRP confirmed the Tories could
gain 339 seats, which is 22 more than they earned 2 years ago and a majority
share of 43%. The survey also hinted that Labour are set to drop 31 seats
declining from 262 in 2017, to 231 and receive 34% of the vote.

Labour are promising to provide the public with another vote
covering Brexit, stating that it will ensure a “sensible Brexit deal”. Party
head Jeremy Corbyn has attracted some major criticism for his failure to make a
pure personal choice above Brexit.

The two main parties have encountered various fortunes
through the election event with a question asked over their integrity toward
minorities in the UK.


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